world premiere

The Zombie Life

by Chris Gavaler

August 18-29, 2021

Firehouse Theatre

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Firehouse Theatre 

1609 W. Broad Street

RVA 23220


​​THE ZOMBIE LIFE is performed as a self-help seminar for humans seeking conversion, conducted by a therapist who offers a unique remedy for life’s hardships. The therapist tells us,

“These are not the zombies you see on TV. Tonight’s seminar will educate you about the actual benefits of Zombie Life.”


The therapist’s assistants have completed the conversion process and provide testimonials on its efficacy. As the seminar unfolds the therapist’s assistants begin to verge off script, which is not unexpected when working with zombies.


The Zombie Life: A Seminar for Humans Seeking Conversion

We know life is hard. When you are ready to stop searching for meaning and leave the pain behind, we are ready to help.
1. Zombies have no responsibilities.
2. Zombies feel no guilt, shame, or emotional pain of any kind.
3. Zombies don’t plan for the future.
4. Zombies are never judgmental, petty, jealous, or hypocritical.
5. Zombies are free of racism, sexism, and all other forms of prejudice and bigotry.
6. Zombies form no governments, run no businesses, consume no natural resources, and cause no harm to their environments.
7. Zombies are never uncertain. They never second guess. They have no regrets.



PJ Freebourn
Keaton Hillman
Jacqueline Jones
Ken Moretti
Shalandis Wheeler Smith
Marjie Southerland


Production Team:

Director……………..Joan Gavaler
Movement Director……….Dan Plehal
Production Designer……Todd Labelle
Costume Designer…..Annette Hairfield
Props Designer…………..AC Wilson
Stage Manager………….Grace Brown
Assistant Stage Manager…Emma Avelis


Performance Schedule:

Wed Aug 18 7:30pm (preview)
Thu Aug 19 7:30pm (preview)
Fri Aug 20 7:30pm (preview)
Sat Aug 21 7:30pm
Thu Aug 26 7:30pm
Fri Aug 27 7:30pm
Sat Aug 28 7:30pm
Sun Aug 29 3:00pm




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